SiaVite is an event planner. Members can hire different vendors and plan their events through the app and website. Vendors can use SiaVite to advertise and offer their skills and services to members.

There are two types of users on SiaVite. Vendors are people that perform services and advertise their services on SiaVite. Members hire Vendors to perform their advertised services at their events.

The second type of user on SiaVite is a member. Members use the event planning tools and the database of vendors to create, coordinate, and run events.

As a member one should use SiaVite as a tool to help coordinate events. From hiring vendors to play music or cater to using the budget tools and to-do lists to make sure everything gets done Sia Vite helps members organize and run all their own personal events.

Start by creating a Member account and going through the app and website features. There are instructions on every tab explaining each function available to you. The planning tools help enormously with creating a cogent plan and flow for your event.

For the vendor account create your profile and then the website takes you through a step by step process to fill in all the information you will need for a complete and thorough Vendor profile.

At the bottom of the main homepage you can see all the popular events that have been created using SiaVite. Additionally you can read Vendor reviews to see how others have used certain vendors for their events. For Vendors, you can look at other popular Vendor profiles to see how they have designed their pages, and use those observations to create your own Vendor Profile.

Contact information can be found by scrolling down to the footer of the website. A link called Contact will help you connect with SiaVite. There is also a contact link at the top right of the screen.



Go to the “Invite” tab at the top right bar of tabs. From there SiaVite will take you through a step by step process on creating your very own event.

Use the to-do list to keep track of all the task that need to be done to make sure your event can run smoothly and successfully.

You can resend your invitations again at anytime. If this does not work you can contact SiaVite to get any help.

Yes it is possible to use your own custom image for the evite card. Just go to the custom option when creating or editing your event and SiaVite will allow you to use any image on the card.

You can contact the vendor and explain to them the mistake.

At this point you will need to create two different accounts, one to be a Member and one to be a Vendor.

Go to your dashboard and click on the profile picture. This should open up your files to choose a new profile picture. If you are signing up through your facebook account your profile picture on Facebook will automatically be your SiaVite profile picture.

As a Member all of your important tools and functions can be found on dashboard. On the dashboard you can find your “My Events tab”, your To-do list, the vendors you have hired, Saved vendors, “profile edit” tab, and the option to change your password.

Download the app and login using your member account. From there use the menu bar to look at all your events, to-do lists, and vendors. The app will also send you notifications when changes are made.

SiaVite App is available on Apple devices.

As a member you can edit and keep track of all your event information.

Section with tips from other members and answers to questions other members have asked.


You can post your past work in the gallery. You can edit your gallery from your dashboard. You can also edit your profile from your dashboard.

As a Vendor all of your important tools and functions can be found on dashboard. You can see your reviews, edit your gallery, view and edit your profile, look at your hired history, and change your password.

You can contact past Members that have hired you and request reviews from them. You can request reviews through different social media outlets accessible from your SiaVite account.

Your host information will be given to you.

You can contact the host and discuss details at anytime.
Section with tips from other vendors and answers to questions other vendor’s have asked.

Yes you can upload videos onto the gallery.